Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bullrun 2006: Day 7, Party at Social

The party at Social was great. It was fantastic to be out with everyone and not stressing about strategy for tomorrow. Everyone looked great, was nice and relaxed and happy to be "finished". Medals were handed out, awards were given and in the end... it seems that everyone's favourite Tove Christiensen won the rally.

Tove was by far the victor this year and. He drove phenomenally and tactfully at every turn and delivered an exemplary performance. As much as I love the Collins Brothers and Team Riecke... I'm not sure how they finished second and third over Team Gotham, but so be it.

Of course, Rory won the "Ambassador of Bullrun" award including the new 2006 Bullrun watch from Stefan Johansson.

Congratulations, Rory and to all the Bullrun 2006 participants.

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