Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's Official: Bullrun 2007

The route is Montreal to Key West. The dates are May 11th to May 18th 2007. Be ready for some major twists in next years route. So that means you need to seriously be thinking about what car you're bringing in the next 3-4 months... This year entries are reducing to the number of just 75 cars. The rate for entry is $17,500 per car and two drivers for next year. Prior Bullrunners who register prior to January 1st 2007 can pay the old rates of $14,000 and have priority on the event. After 1st January it's open to the waiting list and first come first served for entries.

Who's in Bullrun 2007?
NFL and wrestling tough guy and the nex host of Bullrun on Spike TV, Bill Goldberg, will be at next years event with his brother. Bill's not bringing one of the vehicles in his 23 car collection though, they're driving in his brothers' Ferrari Enzo. The word is Bill thinks he's going to 'win'.. Other early gossip is Team Magnaflow, Team CEC and Team Spyker (led by Mr Carl Lewis) are back to mount a very serious challange to the rest of the field. Team Riecke are back too with a vengeance..this time more cars and a full support team!

For mroe information, head on over to

Monday, August 21, 2006

Bullrun 2006: Voice of Windsor

Voice of Windsor, Independent News in Windsor, Ontario, have some great Bullrun shots and some more info on "Old Autos Television". Turns out, that Old Autos Television is legit and coming to Canadian television soon. (Looks like I need to go check in with the boys at Rogers!)

The interview they did with Rory was really well done. Too bad that's probably about the worst name ever for a Television Network.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bullrun 2006: License Plate on Gizmodo

Gizmodo is probably one of my favorite blogs. It's something I check several times a day and they always have something great.

In fact, they picked up our license plate test video, but because we were on the road at the time I totally missed. it.

I love those guys...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bullrun 2006: UK TV Premiere

Aight, yo. Who wants to come to London for the UK Premiere of the Bullrun TV Show?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bullrun 2006: What's Next?

We're thinking of running the Unlimited Class in La Carrera Panamericana. What do you think?

Bullrun 2006 Video: Chasing Christiensen

Who is driving that Ferrari? Could it be?

Nahh... I thought he broke down in Canada... and then again in Michigan.

But wait, maybe it is...

Monday, July 31, 2006

Bullrun 2006 Video: Carl Lewis v. Mosler

At the SRCA Raceway in Great Bend, Kansas we staged a few races. The Porsche 911 GT2 had FTD but it's not always about being fastest. Sometimes, it's about the competetion.

Take the clip below of Carl Lewis, 9-time Olympic Gold Medal Winner, racing the Mosler Super Car.

The Mosler ran a 12.2 or something... but Carl clearly kicked his ass in the first 10 feet.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Driver Diary: Entry #4 - The Aftermath

Thanks to Emil for being the driving force behind this Bullrun Blog, which arguably may be the best one. I'm apart of it and "I" really enjoy it. I hope you all do as well.

After much needed rest on Saturday my Bullrun experience didn't quite come to a close until Saturday night. Vinny Russo, who runs an automotive events company, obtained a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution from Mitsubishi Motors. We decided to take the car to the Canyons near Glendale (LA) to visit his friend Frankie G. Frankie G. happens to be a hollywood stunt driver and is still licensed to drive Grand Prix races. Frankie was good enough to teach me some high speed canyon carving in the Mitsubishi. Needless to say we whipped through the canyons at about 120 mph with razor precision. It was great. I submitted the video to Emil. Hopefully it's VOD CARS worthy. My much needed "seat time" and driving experience continues on.

Back to driving a desk...

Besides the exhaustion that still grips my body, I still experience bits and pieces of a live Bullrun. Everytime I close my eyes I see road and scenery flying by. My wife picked me up from the airport yesterday and on the way home I stopped myself from pointing out police cars, TWICE.


My mind is still working at over a 100 mph. Thoughts and experiences keep coming back and logging themselves into memory. I have always made it my business not to experience life through the lense of a camera. Same goes for this blog. I chose to experience Bullrun the most I could. I didn't want to remember things just for sake of blogging. I believe the authenticity of this blog is what makes this a strong piece. Emil and I are still blogging because it's coming from the memories of our experiences, not a piece of paper with scribbled notes.

Seriously...More to come (After my "Bullrun Hangover" subsides).


Bullrun 2006: Keri on Jalopnik

Keri did do the Bullrun in a car we bought about 3 days before we left on the rally. I've not talked about her much in the blog because I'm sure that she'll chronicle her adventures in her own blog.

It seems, though, that her new friend Dave at Jalopnik, pictured below, have much to say about her and her driving ability. Congrats, Keri, on scoring your own Jalopnik tag!

Bullrun 2006: Oops!

Thank god for Claus Ettensberger. If it were not for him, I'd be flipping out over the Porsche. See, after driving 4,000 miles without incident in her Audi, Keri got hit about a mile from our house while she was on her way to pick me up at Lamborghini Beverly Hills.

It's not that bad, really, but I see a TechArt body kit in our future...

Bullrun 2006: 4,107 Total Miles

From the time I dropped the Gallardo off in Beverly Hills for shipment to New York to the time I returned the car to Beverly Hills for an inspection of the front differential, the car logged 4,107 miles.

Next stop: Shoreline Motoring

Bullrun 2006: Gallardo Delivery

Ashes to ashes... Dust to dust... Beverly Hills to Beverly Hills...

Back where it all began, I dropped the Gallardo off in Beverly Hills while Rory slept off the closing night party. I cannot believe that the car held up, especially after our top-speed run and cruising at 180+ for more than 40 minutes in Utah. Sure, the front differential may have been "acting up" but hey... it's not like the RennTech CL600, Ford GT, Ferrari 550, or Porsche 911 Turbo ran through the desert without incident.

Oh wait...

Nevertheless, the good people of Lamborghini of Beverly Hills will take good care of the Gallardo and get it ready for equipment removal and reconditioning down at Shoreline Motoring.

Next year, though, we'll be running something more adroit for rallying...

Bullrun 2006: Best Cop Pictures

Below are my favorite cop photos from the Bullrun 2006:

Always on camera, right?

Combining stops: Fuel and a Ticket

An especially stern looking officer.

An especially thorough vehicle search. The police in Michigan, however serious they were, were also very courteous taking time to dust off any items replaced into the Lamborghini after being searched. Photo by Unlimited Class

Bullrun 2006: Team Riecke's Mascot

Jay and Byron hit a bird at a very hight rate of speed. I think the bird should be the official mascot of Team Riecke.

Bullrun 2006: Final Route List

Did you miss the Bullrun this year, but you still want to make the trip? Here's the full 2006 route in all its glory.

A word of advice: Don't bring laser jammers to Michigan.

Day 1:
  · Start: Times Square, New York City
  · Activity: Pocono Raceway, Long Pond Pennsylvania
  · Finish: Hilton Toronto, Toronto Canada

Day 2:
  · Start: Hilton Toronto, Toronto Canada
  · Activity: Windsor Casino, West Windsor Canada
  · Finish: House of Blues Hotel, Chicago Illinois

Day 3:
  · Start: Lake Forest Sports Cars, Lake Bluff Illinois
  · Activity: Anheuser Busch Brewery, St. Louis Missouri
  · Finish: Hotel Intercontinental, Kansas City, Missouri

Day 4:
  · Start: Hotel Intercontinental, Kansas City, Missouri
  · Activity: SRCA Drag Strip, Great Bend Kansas
  · Finish: Sonnenalp Hotel, Vail Colorado

Day 5:
  · Start: Sonnenalp Hotel, Vail Colorado
  · Finish: Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas Nevada

Day 6:
  · Start: Shelby Museum and Las Vegas Speedway, Las Vegas Nevada
  · Activity: London Bridge, Lake Havasu City Arizona
  · Finish: Santa Fe Station, San Diego California

Day 7:
  · Start: W Hotel, San Diego California
  · Activity: California Motor Speedway, Fontana CA
  · Finish: Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills California