Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bullrun 2006: Day 5, Colorado Traffic


While trying to get a jump on the day, several Bullrunners left Vail before the official departure to Las Vegas. Of course, they are disqualified from the standings of the day, but they can drive without getting caught up in the insanity of others.

Or can they?

I'm not sure what happened, but one of the teams is in jail and we were all warned by a local Sheriff and a State Police Officer: DO NOT SPEED IN COLORADO.

So, we didn't. We got on I-70, bunched up across the 2 lanes and drove the speed limit. We passed each speedtrap (about 14) that was setup between Colorado and the Utah state line and... well... noone got pinched and we had a massive line of cars behind us with a LOT of angry commuters.

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Rose said...

I dont know why the route went thru Colorado..... didnt piss off enough people last year ? lol