Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bullrun 2006: Day 5, Caesar's Palace

Las Vegas is always a good time. Always.

Arrivals were a bit of a yawn becaue it was so hot. The temperature was 105°+ since we left Colorado and the second we arrived in Vegas, we were inside. A quick shower and we were ready to hit the strip. My sister came by with her boss, Walter, for a vehicle inspection and dinner at the SW steakhouse in Las Vegas. Of course, I was almost ejected because of my shorts ("SW is a fine dining experience.", I was told -- yet another reason why the Wynn sucks donkey balls) but some quick talking from Noah and fear of losing a hungry table of 12 and all was well.

The pool party at Caesars was fantastic. We should never have left to go to the club -- because they were over capacity and we could not get in. A quick trip to the tables where Rob tripled the money we earmarked for Danny's bail and a nap.

Next stop: Day 6 and still more donuts.

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