Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bullrun 2006: Day 5, Utah Gallardo Woes

Bye-bye, Collins Borthers. Bye-bye, Team Riecke. Bye-bye, Tove. Bye-bye Team SuperSpeeders.

A warning light on the Gallardo came on at about 185 indicating trouble with the 4 WD system. I slowed to 160 and called Lamborghini in Beverly Hills. After a quick conversation and instructions to slow down more, we determined that the front differential fluid was probably overheating and that I should slow down. Which is total crap.

The rest of the group that I was driving with was gone and they beat me to Las Vegas by 90 minutes.

At least I could still go fast enough to...

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Rose said...

there is no fun in slowing down