Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bullrun 2006: Day 7, California Speedway

What a great little course. The infield road course at California Speedway is a really fun little track. Not overly technical, not overly fast... a really great place for people who have no track time. Like Danny. (Not.)

Of course, we all got bunched up behind a slow moving Porsche so the "no passing" rule lasted about 5 seconds.

We grabbed some Tacos from the Taco King truck and then booked it to the Finish Line at the Beverly Hilton. We did manage a sneak peek under the boot of Tove's Porsche's secret weapon:

You know, I hear that Porsche is working on a cure for Aids, too.

Claus and I risked it and took the 10 all the way in. Others went the route of the 210. I opted for the 10 because it was not rush hour, there is a car pool lane, and Claus has spent more time driving through Beverly Hills at high speeds than anyone on the rally and I wanted to follow that.

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