Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bullrun 2006: Day 7, Beverly Hilton

We made it 6th to the finish line in Beverly Hills. After jumping off the 10 at National, I lost Claus. I had a police officer behind me and was unable to make some of the moves Claus made.

The 10 was clear. A few slow-downs around downtown, but we definately made the right choice. We even beat Richard Rawlins to the finish line.

No finish line is complete without hotel security coming to yell about the donuts. The best was when Justin in the Safety Car was whipping around and the hotel dude told him to stop. His reply over his car's PA: "Safety First, Sir."


The finish line even brought out Herr Roy.

and Car-Parazzi.

After a beer at the finish line, photos, interviews, and hassling Hayden Christiensen's fans (who always seem to know where we are going to be) I headed home for a shower. I've not been home in 3 weeks and it was nice to see all the mail from my "friends" at American Express, Chase, All Points Capital, and DirecTV.

The party starts in 3 hours. Hopefully, I can get a leg up on the action, too.

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Rose said...

We network very well. That is all the secret Hayden society will allow me to say. I hope you werent too bad to my girls there LOL