Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bullrun 2006: Day 4, SRCA Drag Strip in Great Bend

We rolled in to the SRCA Drag Strip in Great Bend Kansas. Had a quick lunch, raced the strip got our route card and left. Ok, maybe we hung out for a few seconds and a few races -- including the Mosler v. Carl Lewis.

On the way out of Kansas, Rob took us on a short cut that lead down a 4 mile long dirt road. I was not pleased. Of course, after 4 miles of pain, it was countless miles of smooth, clear sailing.

Memo to any farmers in Kansas that saw a red Ford GT and a white Lamborghini roll past your farm: You were not drunk on grain alcohol. It really happened.

Next stop: Vail, Colorado

Shout out to the chic at the gas station in Great Bend who thought Rob was a billionaire after his $130 bill. No, seriously, this chic almost had a heart attack when the register hit triple-digits... (She was cute, too.)


Mile Perhour said...

Amazing bullrun, it looked like a great time, then again, they're always a great time. If you ever do any runs in Miami check us out. Thanks mph club™

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