Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bullrun 2006: Day 2, West Windsor

Leaving Toronto was a bit of a mess. We got a bit lost on the way to the freeway, but thanks to a lead from Richard Rawlins and some intel from sone of the locals, we avoided a major, major speed trap.

Rolling in to West Windsor was fun. I made a very illegal turn the wrong way down a 1 way and through a small crowd of people (sorry) and we finished... 5th. Rory was even interviewed by some girl pretending to be a reporter from "Old Autos TV" ... whatever the hell that is.

First place, you ask? Yep, Rob and Noah again in the Ford GT. Don't worry, though, we found a way to slow them down.

My friend Russ took me to West Windsor once. It was cold, snowy and the people were very friendly.

Today, there was less snow, more people and the police were very friendly. They lead us all the way to the US border with a Police escort. Through the streets of West Windsor, across the Ambassador Bridge all the way up to the Passport Control in Michigan.

Really, really, really an amazing experience. Sadly, though, the law enforcement in Michigan... not as friendly and not as advanced. Check out that light on the top of his car...

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Rose said...

I sooo hate Michgan "gumballs" Not friendly one bit

jswede said...

did they fall for the banana in the tailpipe?

great pics - great blog - thx!