Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bullrun 2006: Day 4, Vail Colorado

After an extremely boring drive through Kansas, we arrived in Colorado. We skirted some local traffic in Denver (Thanks, Traci and Alex) and made it to Vail rather quickly. We coasted in to town on fumes -- the lighter than normal air mixture wreaked havoc with our consumption math.

Arriving in Vail was amazing. Aside from being a beautiful town with beautiful surroundings, there was a 3,500+ person crowd when we got there who were all screaming and cheering. It was sort of like the Tour de France. Streets were lined with people, security and Police everywhere, bands, beer and food. We celebrated our arrival with knockwurst, bratwurst and tequila shots.

Arrivals went quickly, the Sonnenalp Hotel and staff were fantastic. Claus, of CEC Wheels fame organized a wonderful dinner at Ludwig's. He even made a special request from the house Austrian Pastry chef. Best meal of the whole trip. No contest.

Of course, we went back to the pary after dinner and I kept drinking until about tomorrow.

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