Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's Official: Bullrun 2007

The route is Montreal to Key West. The dates are May 11th to May 18th 2007. Be ready for some major twists in next years route. So that means you need to seriously be thinking about what car you're bringing in the next 3-4 months... This year entries are reducing to the number of just 75 cars. The rate for entry is $17,500 per car and two drivers for next year. Prior Bullrunners who register prior to January 1st 2007 can pay the old rates of $14,000 and have priority on the event. After 1st January it's open to the waiting list and first come first served for entries.

Who's in Bullrun 2007?
NFL and wrestling tough guy and the nex host of Bullrun on Spike TV, Bill Goldberg, will be at next years event with his brother. Bill's not bringing one of the vehicles in his 23 car collection though, they're driving in his brothers' Ferrari Enzo. The word is Bill thinks he's going to 'win'.. Other early gossip is Team Magnaflow, Team CEC and Team Spyker (led by Mr Carl Lewis) are back to mount a very serious challange to the rest of the field. Team Riecke are back too with a vengeance..this time more cars and a full support team!

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