Sunday, July 30, 2006

Driver Diary: Entry #4 - The Aftermath

Thanks to Emil for being the driving force behind this Bullrun Blog, which arguably may be the best one. I'm apart of it and "I" really enjoy it. I hope you all do as well.

After much needed rest on Saturday my Bullrun experience didn't quite come to a close until Saturday night. Vinny Russo, who runs an automotive events company, obtained a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution from Mitsubishi Motors. We decided to take the car to the Canyons near Glendale (LA) to visit his friend Frankie G. Frankie G. happens to be a hollywood stunt driver and is still licensed to drive Grand Prix races. Frankie was good enough to teach me some high speed canyon carving in the Mitsubishi. Needless to say we whipped through the canyons at about 120 mph with razor precision. It was great. I submitted the video to Emil. Hopefully it's VOD CARS worthy. My much needed "seat time" and driving experience continues on.

Back to driving a desk...

Besides the exhaustion that still grips my body, I still experience bits and pieces of a live Bullrun. Everytime I close my eyes I see road and scenery flying by. My wife picked me up from the airport yesterday and on the way home I stopped myself from pointing out police cars, TWICE.


My mind is still working at over a 100 mph. Thoughts and experiences keep coming back and logging themselves into memory. I have always made it my business not to experience life through the lense of a camera. Same goes for this blog. I chose to experience Bullrun the most I could. I didn't want to remember things just for sake of blogging. I believe the authenticity of this blog is what makes this a strong piece. Emil and I are still blogging because it's coming from the memories of our experiences, not a piece of paper with scribbled notes.

Seriously...More to come (After my "Bullrun Hangover" subsides).


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